I Still Belong To You

Story Behind The Song

I think this song is my attempt to shift back away from songs just about my pain into a more comforting and peaceful acceptance of my current reality. This song is a tribute to my deep and profound love of my wife.

Song Description

This song was written after the death of my father. You can hear the change in my writing style. The song is about how much I count on my wife for comfort and support.

Song Length 4:54 Genre Jazz - Fusion, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool, Adorable Subject Loving Marriage, Marriage
Similar Artists Anita Baker, George Duke Language English
Era 2000 and later


After I?ve had my cry and all my tears are dry
I still belong to you
And after the years go by, there?s one thing I can?t deny
I still belong to you

Verse 1
I know that time goes by like no one seems to care
It seems like no one hears my simple prayers
And all I?m left to do, is to spend my time with you
And live each day as if the past is gone
I dream, of better days when everyone is free
And history is based on you and me
And my pain is washed away and our love is here to stay
And all the world is right and we have us

Verse 2
One love can change the lives of everyone involved
And all the problems seem to be resolved
By something that?s so pure, so mature and secure
And life is easier to live each day
Without, your light and your heart to lead the way
My soul and my love could not convey
The meaning of my life, a husband to (and) his wife
And nothing else compares to this love

I feel you?re part of me, living with you makes me see
That all that there was and all that there is, is love, love, love

Lyrics Radio Cremata Music Radio Cremata
Producer Radio Cremata Publisher Radio Cremata
Performance Radio Cremata Label Radio Cremata
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