Lucky One

Song Length 3:14 Genre Country - Religious


They crowded him for just one sight
they were believers of a different kind
once so broken without a hope
widows and beggers all alone
but when they walked with him
they came to know
that jesus could save their souls

and i wonder if they were the lucky ones

its been a year since hes' been high
he's a believer of a different kind
I didn't know the price he paid
years had been wasted
before the day came
when he cried to god for a miracle,
jesus save my soul

and i wonder
if he is the lucky one

I imagine a life more charmed
full of roses without any thorns
but because of the darkness i came to see
i have no choice but to believe

i sat alone tears in my eyes now i'm a believer of a differnet kind
once so broken all alone fighting this battle on my own
and then I prayed to god for a miracle
and jesus he made me whole

Now i wonder
I wonder
now i wonder
if i am the lucky one

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