Roller Skatez

Story Behind The Song

After losing my little brother, A.M.T, to gang violence in L.A., I was compelled to write a song dedicated to overcoming hater and making positive strides.

Song Description

Overcoming some obstacle in life can be like learning to roller skate. It's all about keeping it balance, being aware of surroundings, staying positive and never giving up.

Song Length 3:08 Genre Rap - General, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Composed Subject Encouragement, Life
Similar Artists 2Pac, DMX Language English
Era 2000 and later


Yea what's up ya'll?! It's Mr. Quin$e, Q-P-7000, I'm reppin' Stamina man Productions. Trying to let ya'll know...In this life time...there's always gone be some fool trying to push you down. You know if they push you and you fall though, you've gotta get on up and let em' have it!
Funk them fools if they're trying to hate/ This is how I roller skate/ Indoors and outdoors bouncing tight/ Right off the walls with the trip lights/
Funk them fools if they're trying to hate/ This is how we roller skate/ Indoors and outdoors bouncing nice/
Right off the walls with the trip lights/

(verse 1)
I figured you're ready for vibrant business/ This is what the deal is/ Cut and boost the bass, increase the volume, hope you feel it/
Keeping one love, don't let a hater hold you down/ stretching when we're under in search of commons on these grounds/ but no peace from that beast that preys to feast upon them/ keep your head above the water if you haven't learn to swim/ We're drowning in a world of constant stress and gasping breaths/ It's best to light a candle then to curse the darkness/ Don't let the wicked times creepy~crawl and snatch your sanity/ Tactics of survival/ I'm facing rivals with the man in me/ Can it be/ I can peep them crooked visions/ In plain evil is how they're living/ So now I'm given/ the the power invested to divvy up them ends/ spreading knowledge to my peeps distributing wealth to my friends/ before it all end/ Yea I gotta stay nimble oh yes I'm gone stay swift/ that's why I'm blazing em' down to the finger tips/

(chorus repeated)

(verse 2)
Never hesitate to lace up yo skates/ I'm trying to keep my balance sometimes life's a challenge everyday and anyplace/ cruising with momentum/ cool vibes we send em'/ zoom zooming heads raising/ All four wheels blazing/ I'm plotting rhymes on time just peep the linear equations/ Positive movements bring solutions/ Ya' best to use your irie spectations/ Open your eyes, you've gotta step with calculations/ and understand what we're facing/ Best to use some intuition/ Praying for that upliftment, I'm tuning out them hater stations/ I'm down with funky elevations/ So if you got a plan what it takes is execution/ I'm bruising pavement in the Saulty 'D'/ The ways we smashing, you can't be mad at me/ You're on that drama fuel lit/ so cease the ignorance/

(chorus repeated)

Lyrics Quincy J. Epperson Music Mr. Quin$e
Producer Quincy J. Epperson Publisher QP7G
Performance Staminaman Productions
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