Galexy Girlz

Story Behind The Song

I was at the club one night trying to get my boogie on. Then all of a sudden a fine fly lady walked my way. So I invited her to step with me on the dance floor. The whole time we're dancing I'm flirting and whispering things in her ear to let her know that she's the business!

Song Description

Mr. Quin$e is flirting with the sexy ladies. Spotting a fine woman in the party and inviting her to get her groove on.

Song Length 3:14 Genre Rap - General, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming, Delighted Subject Girls, Women, Body/Bodies
Similar Artists 50 Cent, Digital Underground Language English
Era 2000 and later


(intro talking)
Dang girl! Hey, hey little sexy mama...won't you get on that dance floor and show me...that funk!

(Chorus 2x)
She's got the funk...that's outta this world/
Twerking through dimensions she's a galexy girl/
Bending dem bumps from planet to planet/
Spacey curves doing damage and they really can't handle it/

(Verse 1)
I tell em' hold it right there...raise them legs a little higher/ friction so phat I'll set yo pie on fire/
Pound by pound...I'm tapping it smack by smack/ I begin from the front then exhale out the back/ Once again you know it's me 'Q'/ to the 'P' '7-G'/ Stay funky with that irie remedy/ you know work baby for the sweat ethics/ I'm a give it to you no stop respect it/ Bring it to that body on the dance floor/ Cutting up the rug and scuffing up the you know/
We're all up in the wind through the clouds so proud/
Ladies pump your fist when your really shaking it wild/

(hook 4x)

(verse 2)
I'm like damn sexy! I'm loving the way you're working all of that/ and twerking that/ from the back so phat/ I'm with that!/ you can come and chill around my flats/ my tilt/ We can do like Guy...uh huh...let's chill/ and we can settle down/ but right about now/ you know I dig you style/ It's outta this jump in the space ship and hit the switch/ When we're out we're doing this/ way planets discovered/ you know I'm gone bring it...I'm the one deep space lover/...Loving how you keep tempting me/ with that tantalizing frequency/ so much class/ She's kinky on dat ass/ hipnoticly enticing my eyes to peep/ tight curvy physique/ keep my knees so weak/ enough to hit the floor/ but no you know/ I won't some more/ of of that little show/ that you're providing/ Here I come riding!/

(Chorus 2x)

Lyrics Quincy Epperson Music QP7000
Producer Staminaman Productions Publisher QP7G
Performance Mr. Quin$e
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