Violare (2013 Phoenix Rising OST)

Story Behind The Song

violo, violare, violavi, violatus verb conjugation: 1st conjugation Definitions: outrage, violate, dishonor

Song Length 5:36 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Similar Artists BT, Nine Inch Nails
Language No Language


violo, violare, violavi, violatus
conjugation: 1st conjugation
outrage, violate, dishonor

At first I was not all that thrilled but about half way some very interesting things happened. LOVED the backward tape sounds and how you weaved that into the ending that sort of appeared out of nowhere. The whole thing was very cool, I liked it.

Top notch, primo, and ready for the big time, this song has all it needs to get settled in with a great soundtrack. Great dynamics, recording and top notch production make it all work perfectly. The tune stands on it's own too and makes for a good listen served straight up. Nice job!!

Can definitely hear this in film. I like how it subtly starts and then dramatic entrance of drums, the classical piano is a brilliant touch for the ending. Nicely done.

Music N.Jones, Wesley Dinwiddie Producer N.Jones
Performance Wesley Dinwiddie, N.Jones
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