Bullet through the dance floor (Driving Music)

Song Length 3:52 Genre Electronic - General
Tempo Non 4/4 Era 2000 and later

Nice tune and well executed with good production sound and quality.

Sometimes work gets really crazy and I find myself up at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night, writing programming code like that dude in "The Matrix". This electronic track will get me into the groove while I'm trying to find Morpheus.

Super fine work here. Captivating from the get go this one had me hooked right off the bat. Great buildups, breakdowns, and all the stuff in between. Nicely played, along with the great instrumentally choices and great production all make this one good to go. Bravo!

WOW this is an awesome song. Cool Harmonics and really neat effects. Totally In LOVE...

good choice of analog sounds, interesting loops

Music N.Jones Producer Protilius
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Cyndi Corkran Love it all over again! 8/10/2014
Cyndi Corkran My Top Songs 3/5/2014
Cyndi Corkran Protilius 3/5/2014
Slava Fiks Favorite instrumental music 1/5/2014
Wes Dinwiddie Top Rock Songs 4/4/2013

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