Nobody Knows

Song Length 3:07 Genre Rock - New Wave
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


I'm not the one to be telling you
life's risks are so unclear
cause then you might get to thinking
I'm uncomfortable with my fears

but when I contemplate consequence
for every tempt of fate I take
the school of rule is to see how far
they'll bend before they break

around and around
and around it goes
and where it stops
nobody knows

every day the planet turns
it's a spinning fortune wheel
how you choose to win or lose
depend on just how lucky you feel

and if you miss the big brass ring
at the time that you go by
its been found if you stay around
you may get another try

look back to where your from
then now to where you are
dare to feel what you want could be real
if you will can reach that far

when all the chips are down
and you've got one card in your hand
you never know just what might show
no matter what's been planned

Lyrics John Ward Music pLANE fIGURES

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