Lovin' Cup

Song Length 4:36 Genre Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Everyone assumes we've got it made
we don't need another world to believe in
we've got our own and all our lovin' kin
friendly friends that you can depend on
but that depends

talking about taking a trip into lands of free
talking about fixing this chip on my shoulder you see
but there aint no need to stumble into the sea
when all of the dry land is ours to share somehow

taking the trip and I found out - you know what?
she's a frenzy cute little lovin' cup

somehow this world trains on another thought
and it's our's too just because our love went far
just let this love be friends so we can be caught
in the web of the thunder
and the bright sunny next day

Lyrics Leonard Rueden Music John Ward
Producer Liquid Lunch Studios - Glendale AZ Performance pLANE fIGURES

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