Bringing Her Down

Song Length 3:30 Genre Rock - New Wave
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


She's been pushing me down relentlessly
until I feel like I'm going under
she's got me playing the clown thinking that
I'm so afraid of all her smoke and thunder

here she's thinking
she can push me around
one more push from her
and I'm bringing her down

when she puts on her clever disguise she knows
that she can fool them all (I've seen her deceive them)
she's been telling us lies for so long
I think that I am starting to believe them

I talk to everyone there but they don't want
to hear about it "don't mess with her power"
bottom line is they don't care they just want
to cover their ass and protect her ivory tower

now she's saying she was wrong about the way
she treated me it wasn't her intention
but I say it's too late now I've already
written the song and I can't write in redemption

Lyrics John Ward Music pLANE fIGURES

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