The Lamb

Song Length 2:11 Genre Folk - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


The Lamb

Capo: 2nd fret; Key of A.

Intro: G Bm Em D C G D G
[G] Little [Bm] Lamb, [Em] who made [D] thee
[C] Dost thou [G] know [G] who made [D] thee [ E E7 ]
[A] Gave thee life and [D] bid thee [A] feed.
[G] By the [A] stream & [G] o'er the [A] mead;
[A] Gave thee clothing [D] of de-[A]-light,
[G] Softest [A] clothing [G] wooly [A] bright;
[G] Gave thee [A] such a [Bm] tender [Em] voice,
[C] Making [Em] all the [Am7] vales [D] rejoice:
[G] Little [Bm] Lamb [Em] who made [D] thee
[C] Dost thou [G] know [D] who made [G] thee [ C D ]

[G] Little [Bm] Lamb [Em] I'll tell [D] thee,
[C] Little [G] Lamb [G] I'll tell [D] thee: [ E E7 ]
[A] He is called [D] by thy [A] name,
[G] For he [A] calls him-[G]-self a [A] Lamb:
[A] He is meek & [D] he is [A] mild,
[G] He be-[A]-came a [G] little [A] child:
[G] I a [A] child & [Bm] thou a [Em] lamb,
[C] We are [Em] called [Am7] by his [D] name.
[G] Little [Bm] Lamb [Em] God bless [D] thee.
[C] Little [G] Lamb [D] God bless [G] thee. [ C D G ]

Lyrics William Blake (1757-1827) Music Pip Hill
Performance Pip Hill
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