For You On Leaving Home

Story Behind The Song

Written for my Nieces and Nephew. I wanted to give them advice that was memorable and helpful. A Semi-Finalist in this years(2011) UK Songwriting Contest. Mastered with LANDR.COM

Song Length 3:22 Genre Spoken Word - Poetry, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject General, General
Language English Era 2000 and later


On leaving home - I render this:
Don't be afraid, Love looks after all;
Don't feel apart, talk and find friends;
Keep a diary, live your life twice;

Gather up skills, they can be a joy to perform;
Gather your thoughts, life grows on decisions;
Gather many's the experience for it harvests its wisdom;
Follow your own tune and always be yourself -
variation conforms;

Learn to read the arts, expand your world;
Choose companions wisely for peer habits are pervasive;
Choose work satisfaction, laziness can suck;
Life can be seen as story lines that are lived -
enjoy a good read;

We taught you truths and to look to Belief for Truth;
Love is inborn, don't let others cut it out;
Your search for a contented life starts here -
In the fires and burnings of youth;

Don't end the gift, give birth to faith through hope;
Never forget, you're needed - let time have its say;
Learn from achievements, yours and others;
Remember it's enough just living life's kaleidoscope;

Love and be loved - and the meaning in life is born;
Give and forgive, grudges make hatred;
Be a friend to all, it's the foundation of peace... and the lucky;
And may you have always: the wisdom of dusk
and the freshness of dawn.

Lyrics Pip Hill Music Pip Hill
Performance PSR 292 Keyboard, Pip Hill
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