The Lady Burn

Story Behind The Song

I can hear the Lady burn ripple, here, when the traffic noise quietens. It flows along nearby ~ to the Eden and then on to St Andrews Bay - where the Bay, the Tay and the North Sea mingle...

Song Description

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Song Length 2:57 Genre Folk - General
Era 2000 and later


The Lady burn

I had [C] dreams when [F] I was [C] younger
I have [F] skills, but [G] now I'm [C] old
I [F] wish that [C] life was [F] easy
But [F] wishing, puts [G] life on [C] hold
The [G] Lady burn flows to the [C] Eden
The [F] Eden [C] runs to the [G] Bay
Where the [F] Tay and [G] North Sea [Am] mingle (clap/stomp)
[G] From that day, to [F] this day
[C] That day, to [G] this day
[F] From that day, to [C] this day, to [G] one [C] day

I'm [C] now a [F] man con-[C]-tented
But [F] life gets [G] in the [C] way
I [F] wish for [C] more of [F] nothing
'Cause [F] nothing - brightens [G] up my [C] day

I [C] wish you [F] my best [C] wishes
Hope you [F] stumble [G] on a [C] plan
[F] As for [C] me I'm [F] singing
[F] Hoping it's a [G] helping [C] hand

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