A Stormy Night

Story Behind The Song

Lyrics written at a writers workshop. Melody added much later.Runner Up place in Song of the Year 2013 in the Folk Genre:) http://writer.songoftheyear.com/piphill.html

Song Length 2:16 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Hope Language English
Era 2000 and later


A Stormy Night
(Capo: 3rd fret; Key of F)

[D] Wave upon [A6] wave clattered [Bm] on the [A] shore
The [G] moonlight [D] grazing the [A] sea
And [D] glancing off the [A6] wet rocks
My [Bm] mind was else-[A]-where -
but I [G] noticed [D] that - [D]
the [A] moonlight.
The [D] sea was in [A6] turmoil to-[Bm]-night [A]
and [G] here inside [D] me, I was [A] too.
But the [D] never changing [A6] moon
lit the [Bm] ever changing [A] world
and [G] told me in [D] whispers:
that a [Bm] quiet fresher [A] dawn,
would [G] bring a peaceful [D] day, [A]
and [D] me - I [A6] would di-[Bm]-spell my [A] turmoil
and [G] wake to that [D] peaceful [A] day -
with [D] plans in my [A6] head
and gentle [Bm] hope in my [A] heart,
A new [G] day, a new [D] me, a stormy [A] night.

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