Lying and Stealing

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Loving you was a full-time job
But I?m not a working man
You told me every night
I didn?t understand

Now and then the rain will fall
The house gets cold and the car will stall
I?m a stranger in a dark hallway
I find the light but its too late
I?m lying and stealing
I?m lying and stealing

Did you want to find a lover
And just have a little fun
To be the cream in your coffee
The shiny ring on your finger
The sugar on your tongue

I?ll tell you baby
That?ll never be me
Take those shades off and take one look in my eyes
And you will see

Now and then the rain will fall
A stranger calling too late to call
Well I hope you take some of what I gave
I hope I made nights less lonely baby
You?re lying and stealing
You were lying and stealing

You can?t have Christmas without a birth
Can?t have a chorus without a verse
You don?t get to makeup without a fight
You gotta walk through the shadow to feel the light

I?m lying my way to your heart
I?m lying to get what I want
I?m lying my way to your heart
And you?re stealing the soul from this house and this heart
We?re lying and stealing
We?re lying and stealing

Lyrics Phil Ayoub Music Phil Ayoub and Jesse Denson
Producer Tim Bradshaw Performance Phil Ayoub-vocals, guitar; Tim Bradshaw-guitar,bass, keyboards; Ed Toth-drums; Laura McFarland-backing vocals
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