Tara's Birthday

Song Description

A woman reflecting on her feelings throughout the birthday's in her life...what she hopes for, what she wishes for, and how she continues to have faith even though she hasn't gotten what she's been looking for throughout her life.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Folk - General, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving
Subject Birthdays, Other Holidays, History, Past Language English
Era 2000 and later


Leapfrog and cotton candy
Pink balloons and a doll named Mandy
Nametags on the kids that say
I'm so happy...
It's Tara's birthday

Hopscotch and hula hoops
Hair barrettes and ballet shoes
That new ten-speed it never came
Despite a wish on
Tara's birthday

Sweet sixteen was finally here
Bye bye dolls and teddy bears
High school boys talk insincere
Maybe next year
Tara's birthday

Twenty-four was all the rage
The first of too many bridesmaids
Her princely wishes swiftly fading
Maybe this year
Tara's birthday

You know when she cries at a wedding
She's not crying no not for her friend
They ain't tears of joy
Cause a girl has found a boy

Thirty-three like all the others
Two more friends have become mothers
Her insignificant other
Forgot her birthday

Forty-five and Whitman's candy
Remote control and her dog Andy
Dancing Queen ignites her fancy
For memories of
Other birthdays

Birthdays are like airports
They make you think of where you're going and where you've been
And who you're traveling with
And has it all been worth the cost

Midnight and a cigarette
Two exhales but no regrets
What she wants she hasn't found it yet
She makes a wish anyway
It's Tara's Birthday

Lyrics Phil Ayoub Music Phil Ayoub
Producer Tim Bradshaw Publisher Daisy Hill & The Wickerman
Performance Phil Ayoub, Tim Bradshaw, Kevin Figeiuredo
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