Goodnight Kiss

Song Length 4:07 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Honey its gotten late
And the sun?s been down for hours
I?m lying in this bed awake
Trying to summon all my powers

Not to run to you on a rail
Not to cover you like rain
Not to give in to the thing I miss
A thousand miles for a goodnight kiss

Well I?d drive all night
Just to kiss your cheek in the morning
The dawn it don?t deserve your light
With the sunrise I?m falling

Oh I?m at your feet
Coming up through the sheets
Lord have mercy on a boy like this
A thousand miles for a goodnight kiss

If I had you now
I?d never leave
Just kiss me now
And you can go right back to sleep

I?m not gonna lie just to argue
Yeah I know sometimes I was guilty of
Spending too much time making music
And not enough time making love

And driving you to another man
With a money-back guarantee
Oh well that ain?t lovin? honey no
But at least you?ll get more sleep

Every girl thinks it?s about her
But oh I?m only thinking of you
I?ll be warm in your bed like a snow day
We?ll sleep until quarter of two

If you let me be your friendly neighbor
I will be your ice cream man
And you will be my favorite flavor
I?ll have you melt in my mouth and in my hand and
My goodnight kiss
Goodnight kiss
Goodnight girl

Lyrics Phil Ayoub Music Phil Ayoub
Producer Tim Bradshaw Performance Phil Ayoub-vocals, guitar; Tim Bradshaw-guitar,bass, keyboards; Ed Toth-drums
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