4th District Court of Bristol County

Song Length 5:35 Genre Rock - General
Language English


Well I pray through the glass
For the happy couple
Out on a date
They won?t make it a double

The hairdresser?s out
With the rodeo clown
She stares at his head
As I follow them around

According to an article
I?m in need of help
Who would know better
Have we ever met?

Now I?m in Jacksonville
Not by choice
Looking for the person
Who likes my voice

Even when I?m screaming
Even when I bitch
Well she?s deaf in one ear
With a left-eye twitch

Now I?m getting connected
I?m posing nude
I?m kissing strange girls
Like Family Fued

How do you like me now
How do you like me now

How do you like me now
Dancing in a swimsuit
Would you like me better
In leather chaps and boots

The sky?s the limit
I?m drinking red bull and rum
I got some dirty tea
If I could slip you some

You?d see what I see
You would speak free
You?d live in a tower
Your king would be me

You have lofty goals
And great ambitions
Don?t ever let them fade
Now get back in the kitchen

A loose lipped-lover
I gamble cause I can
What will I see
when the wood?s in my hands

I?m starting to awaken
My visions getting clearer
The steam dissipates
Is that a crook in the mirror

Its refracted hatred
It?s contempt in disguise
Like Christmas fruitcake
And regifted pies

Same shirt, same jeans
For days and days
When I do it, I?m disturbed
When you do it, its just lazy

Can you hear me through the ceiling
I?m the man upstairs
Threatening to kill
Things that are already dead

I?m staring at a calendar
I'm going though the last year
April left a mark
You can still see the tear

The telephone?s not ringing
Something?s not right
And I can?t get this
Damn cigarette to light

I never met the man
I?ve never felt it man

I walk quietly
I walk quietly
I walk quietly
I walk quietly

There?s a woman in the courtroom
Passing out mints
To mail order brides
And celebrity convicts

They look at me funny
They say I need help
They make me walk through a booth
And put my bags on a belt

Hey Mr. Funny
Hey Mr. Obscene
This clown?s not big enough
For both you and me see

I don?t belong here
I overrule
I?m a lawyer with no stage
I?m the gang with no Kool

They say don?t worry
Help is on the way
But is just a port in the storm
On the 39th day

I?m a shooting star
I?m a genuine heartthrob
Read that word again

I?m making headlines in love
I?m friends with my ex?s
Just a guy from Cleveland
With preliminary sketches

There?s always someone
Looking over my shoulder
Telling me to be bolder
Older, colder

I have no map
I have no guide
Can you see baby
That?s why my smile?s so wide

It?s a smile that can see
It?s a smile that is wise
It?s a smile that tells you
Twenty-eight lies

Lyrics Phil Ayoub Music Phil Ayoub
Producer Tim Bradshaw Performance Phil Ayoub-vocals, guitar; Tim Bradshaw-guitar,bass, keyboards; Ed Toth-drums
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