The song of the east wind

Song Description

Looking east from Norfolk, england there is no significant high ground until the Urals. When the east wind blows it does so in style. As they say in these parts, 'I don't know where that wind's a'comin' from, but I know where thas goin''.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Wind
Language English Era 2000 and later


Hear the song of the east wind, howling through the night
feel the breath of the cold east wind, how it bites
when the east wind blows, when the east wind blows,
like the voice of a wolf in the darkest of dreams,
the east wind

On the Russian plain, rising on the Russian plain
where black horses stamp and chafe the rein
on the Russian plain

Polish field and fen, through Polish field and fen
it aids the white fox as it rounds on the hen
Polish field and fen

M8: sometimes it whispers into my ear like a lover
but never a friend
and sometimes it cries like a wolf at the door,
that will find me out in the end

The lowlands across the north sea,
From the lowlands across the north sea
losing its chill by just a degree,
from the lowlands across the north sea
It finds its way to my door, it finds its way to my door,
with a voice so bitter and hard to ignore,
it finds its way to my door

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