A price to pay

Story Behind The Song

As we get older, do we fall into the trap of looking back instead of forward? Nostalgia can be defined as 'a severe and sometimes fatal form of melancholia' so maybe there's a price to pay.

Song Description

Time as the enemy

Song Length 3:38 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving
Language English Era 2000 and later


The ticking of the clock, the enemy at the gate
so it goes, so they say
I looked to the future and saw a friend of mine
and so I wonder when, I wonder why

ch: Time has twisted round on me and has me in a corner
time has twisted round and caught me cold
now every footstep echoes and I take it as a warning
that there's a price to pay...

My first memory is of an unpaved road
people standing tall against the sky
falling in that trap, forever looking back
stopped, checked, so tell me why

And if its all a game its more like a show
my eyes dazzled by the sun
and its good try, bad luck, better luck next time
lets take a look at what you would have won

Lyrics Peter Windmill Music Peter Windmill
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