Omni Play

Story Behind The Song

This started out as an experiment with a new synthesizer (Spectrasonics Omnisphere) but grew to be one of the best songs on the album "Musical Bridges".

Song Description

Omni PLay is a Fusion of Rock and Jazz. It is similar to a fusion of Pink Floyd and Weather Report. This features Paul Messina on Keys, Synthesizers and Saxes, Ignacio Nunez on Percussion and Jaime Vila on Drums.

Song Length 4:42 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Jazz - Fusion
Lead Vocal Instrumental Similar Artists Weather Report, Pink Floyd
Era 2000 and later

Well this is different! Like the approach to the soundscape using the electronic/jazz/vocal mixed bag. Very interesting to listen to. Some chord progressions in there reminiscent of Pink Floyd! Awesome sax playing! Loved the breakdown at 2 min 50.

Has a great sultry feel, could totally see it as background music in an intense and mysterious scene. Love the sound effects, it really gives it a unique and interesting sound. Great job.

This is a very cool track. Love the voices/vocals. The sax solo is a nice un-expected surprise, and very well played. Very nice moody transitions, played spot-on! A very easy composition to enjoy. The recording is so transparent with a lot of air and space. I would be very curious at where the recording was made, a pro studio or at a home studio.

Relaxing song. Makes me feel like I'm floating. Playing is good. Good sax. Nice mix of instruments. Even though it is long is has a good chill vibe to it. I would probably listen to it relaxing on a Saturday evening. Like how it ends with the congos at the end. Well done. Good Luck.

Loved the feel of this song, brings a sense of mystery, and the strange voice about a third of the way in was very interesting.
It also had parts that had that standard jazz feel. Overall a very good composition, with great variety and change.

Nice film piece
Paints a nice picture
Nice Sax
Well done

a very mystic sounding instrumental with a mix of style. has a almost eastern feel to it. with dark undertones. modern sounds with a traditional element within the mix. some cool sax and good arrangement , its different yet familiar and pretty ambitious towards the end.

Way cool track! Love the vocal samples. Bass is mixed really well, as is the whole track. Saxes sound great as well. Very original and usable. I see you having no trouble signing this track to a library/supervisor. Very cool unexpected changes and well produced. Great work!

This a nice soundscape and reminds me of Thievery Corporation. The ambient harmony and interweaving saxes adds some cool colors to it. I really like the percussion as well. Everything sounds high quality to me. I'm not sure if this is written for movies and TV or just as an independent project, but it sounds great!

Music Paul Messina Producer Gary Vandy and Paul Messina
Publisher Funky Pauls Music PUblishing Performance Paul Messina- Alto and Tenor Saxes, Synthesizers and Keyboards; Ignacio Nunez - Percussion; Jaime Vila - Drums
Label GVAP
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