Into What

Story Behind The Song

"Into What" started as a science fiction novel I began about a boy who lived in another dimension for hundreds of years before being returned to earth. He had all of the residual effects of that much experience intact, but no memory of the actual events. This made him feel completely alien without understanding why. It was a highly symbolic way for me to release and actualize having felt so painfully different as a child, like my real parents had been kidnapped, like I didn't belong on this earth. "In a burst of sun, the lies undone", the boy's knowledge is finally returned to him, symbolic of making the truth my own - of, against all odds, feeling like myself without having to feel "alien". There are many more layers, but I'd like to leave the rest to the listener...

Song Description

"Having reviewed a previous track by Nathan Totten entitled 'The Unlit Room', I was excited to delve deep into the artist's new creative offering, 'Into What', and once again Nathan has delivered a thoroughly compelling piece of genre-bending songwriting. There is some brilliantly vivid imagery conjured up by Nathan's intriguing Lyrics, not only do they fit thematically against the darker gothic elements of the track but the way in which they are conveyed to the listener is particularly compelling. Moments of well-placed rhythmic erraticness in the vocal phrases give the music a definite sense of urgency and even a somewhat off-kilter quality that contrasts brilliantly with the track's more fluid moments of long sustained choir and string sections. As was the same case with 'The Unlit Room', the amalgamation of contrasting genres is what gives Nathan his wholly unique and original sound, this allows 'Into What' to feel strikingly epic with regard to its ambitious sonic tendencies and musically imposing nature." -- Radio Airplay

Song Length 2:41 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Gothic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Existence, Lost Love Similar Artists Hopefully none, aiming for original :)
Language English Era 2000 and later


The sun sets on the plain on an old track outside of town
An ancient mind uses the body of a boy to cover ground
The familiar bend approaches and the familiar rocks are kicked
But this time there isn't any sound

The cows and their companions were frozen in an awkward line
One cowbird broke the silence
The boy took it as a sign
That even though the hour was late, if it were his fate to leave this place
Now would be the time

He willed himself forward into what he had always imagined
Might be a fourth or fifth dimension or a way to travel through time

"If this is the end, it's ok. The smell of the air suits me right now."
But as he reached the bend in front of him
The mountains flattened somehow
And were replaced by a little forest
With that perfect cozy darkness he'd read about
But just as perfect as he'd always imagined
With all the things the books always leave out

And there she sat with ancient wings, an ancient body and ancient skin
But as soft and flawless as a child from the world where he had been
She said, "After all these centuries, my heart was heavy. So I decided it was time to let you in."

She raised her hand to teach him
Instinctively, he did the same
It had always been their custom to communicate this way
And in a burst of sun, the lies undone, he backed away as he remembered everything

"Let's will ourselves forward into what could never be imagined. Maybe in the fourth or fifth dimension there is no such thing as time."

"No, this is the end. But it's ok. We can have each other right now."
And as they touched again the forest turned back into mountains somehow
And were replaced by an uncomfortable darkness
Nothing like the little forests he'd read about
Where everything is almost perfect
Except for what the books always leave out

Lyrics Nathan Totten Music Nathan Totten
Publisher Eddie C Life Music Performance Nathan Totten
Label Music of the Sea
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