I Love You More (Revised)

Song Length 3:19 Genre R & B - Soul
Lead Vocal Male Vocal

I like the feel of the song. It is chipper, upbeat. If I was riding beachside with the top down, then this would be a great song to listen to. Your lyrics are simple and catchy. Which makes the hook stick in someone's mind. You have a nice voice as well. It compliments the instrumental. I like the adlibs that you did towards the end.

That clap is too loud, reverb can be turned down too. Beat needs more depth. Vocals are good, with good production I could see this on the radio. Vocal bridge can be better. Good Luck.

Lyrics Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr. Music Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr.
Producer Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr. Publisher Nate's Own Groove
Performance The Nathaniel Hardy Project

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