I Have You (In My Life!)

Story Behind The Song

This song is about a couple that are going through some things where the wife thinks that her husband no longer has interest in her. So he sits besides her and tells her how he is happy to have her "In his life!" and assures her that he will always be there.

Song Description

After recording the music, this song hadn't any lyrics. I "ad libbed" the lyrics while recording the song. It was actually to my "Fiancee" (now my wife) while she was living in Hampton, Nova Scotia.

Song Length 5:00 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, R & B - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful Subject Marriage, Madly In Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


I Have You (In My Life!)

I have you, in my life, have you. Oh--oh--oh! I have you in my life, I have you!

Hey baby, no need to cry. Put your head on my shoulder. I'm here for you.
Whatever happens, we can whether the storm. You will learn, that your man here will cry for you, will die for you. Will be there to pick you up when things go wrong.

Don't let this little setback; keep you from your happiness. That we were promised in our marriage. I'm always going to be here for you. So wipe those tears from you eyes baby! "I've got this!" And whatever you need, I'm going to figure out a way to fix it,

I have you, in my life, I have you. Oh--oh--oh! I have you in my life, I have you!

Dry your eyes baby! No need to cry. No need to worry. Your man is hear "I 've got this!" as I said before. When I first saw you. "I knew your were the one!" But I wasn't gonna stop, 'til my work was done!

I have you, in my life, I have you. Woaoaoh! I have you in my life, I have you!

Come here give a kiss! Let me hold you. Let me squeeze you tight! Everything's gonna be all right. Let me tell you baby. "No need to worry, no need to fear, whatever's going to happen. I will be there!"

I have you, in my life, I have you. Woaoaoh! I have you in my life, I have you!

Just look at that smile on your face! "Ya learnin'!" See when I tell you things will work out for the better; all you gotta do is trust in "Him!" He'll never let you down!
Just like me I'm always going to be around. To pick you up when you fall, and to carry you around "always" through all of your "ups and downs!" I want you to know; that your man will always be around "Baby!"

I have you, in my life, have you. Woaoaoh!!!

Lyrics and Music by: Nathaniel Sidney Hardy, Jr.
Written: 18 October 2014
© 2014 N.S. Hardy, Jr.
Nate's Own Groove Publishing

In the spoken part of the song, the singer has a nice, calm, soothing voice. This song has a nice mid-tempo beat.

Lyrics Nathaniel Sidney Hardy, Jr. Music Nathaniel Sidney Hardy, Jr.
Producer Nathaniel Sidney Hardy, Jr. Publisher Nate's Own Groove Publishing
Performance The Nathaniel Hardy Project Label Nathaniel Sidney Hardy, Jr.

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