Tierra de Sangre Azul (MOTS exclusive)

Story Behind The Song

Le Sang Bleu, in french was the first version superbly rendered by March Larch. Then I was asked for a more universal message on youtube, so I asked Cindy Corkran to adapt the lyrics and lend her vocals to an english version. Since then, I was hoping to find somebody like Ruth Damas who would take a bit of ownership in this composition : Ruth created the attached spanish lyrics, with respect to the original concepts and ideas, and performed a powerful rendition, full of emotions.

Song Description

Walking on the beach, an SOS message in a bottle, a call, a cry from Earth. Classical remake of a song I wrote in 2012. Earth bleeding blue from human actions and due to inactions. The song by itself is a powerful and moving message superbly rendered by the unique vocals of Ruth Damas, but the video adds even more to the punch of it. ------ Quick Free Translation: In a recurring and restless dream, I see myself barefoot walking on the beach, while a bottle comes to me, carried by the Sea. An SOS message from Earth itself. The letter says that I, the chosen one, must vehicle her message through this song, and tell the mankind how much blue blood she is losing due to our actions. And inactions. Why me? I am not an apostle of any kind... Just because I can sing and make a video :-)

Song Length 4:30 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Poignant Subject Earth, Garbage
Language Spanish Era 2000 and later


Tierra de Sangre Azul
(spanish version by Ruth Damas)

Frente al horizonte me pongo a mirar
Con las olas del mar me lloro
No sé porque
-- (eng) In front of the horizon I look
-- With the waves of the sea I cry
-- I don't know why

El agua fría acaricia mis pies
Siento algo en mi mente
Me hace sufrir
-- (eng) Cold water caresses my feet
-- I feel something in my mind
-- And it hurts

Luego llega hasta mi
Escrito en latin una vieja carta
Que me dice asi
-- (eng) Then it comes to me
-- An old letter written in latin
-- I can read:

"Tu que me lees
Te ruego otra vez
Di les que ja no puedo más Vivir asi
-- (eng) You, who found me
-- I beg you again
-- Tell them all I can't go on anymore
Di les por mi
Que ja no aguanto mas
esta crueldad sin fin
El mondo hace nada más
que se burlar de mi
-- (eng) Tell them for me
-- I can't take it anymore
-- This endless cruelty
-- The world keeps
-- Making fun of me
Me escupen en la caca
no vale mas luchar
Yo Tierra azul, te digo Adios
-- (eng) They spit on me
-- I can no longer fight
-- I, Blue Earth, I say goodbye"

Que voy hacer ?
Dime que puedo decir ?
Para lograr lo que me piden hoy aquí
-- (eng) What can I do?
-- Tell me. What can I say
-- To succeed in this mission?

Riqueza en esta vida nunca tendré
Pero ofrecer lo mejor de mi Yo tentare
-- (eng) Wealth in this life I will never have
-- But I can offer the best of me

Si todos de pie
Marchar con fuerza y con fe.
Siempre adelante frente al monde
Sin nunca caer
-- (eng) If we all stand up
-- March with strength and faith
-- Always ahead in front of the world
-- Without ever falling

Yo comprendi
Que ya no aguantas más
Esta crueldad sin fin
-- (eng) I understood
-- That you can't take it anymore
-- This endless cruelty
-- That hurts you so much
Que te hace mucho daño
Cuando se burlan de ti
Te escupen en la cara
Es dificil luchar
Regresa a nos
Tierra de Dios
-- (eng) When they make fun of you
-- They spit in your face
-- It's hard to fight
-- Come back to us
-- Land of god
Vamos cumplir
Lo que nos pide esta carta
Sin temblar sin pedir
-- (eng) Let's do it
-- What this letter wants from us
-- Without trembling without asking
Nada a cambio
Puedes descansar aquí
o poderoso mar te queremos decir
Eres un regalo tan hermoso
das la vida para el mondo
-- (eng) Nothing in return
-- You can rest here our mighty sea
-- You are such a beautiful gift
-- The Gift of Life to the world

Tierra de Dios
Grita con tu voz
Drama sangre azul
Muéstranos a serte fiel
-- (eng) Land of god
-- Shout with your voice
-- Why you are bleeding blue
-- Show us to be faithful to you
Tierra de Dios
canta con tu voz
Dé nos tu sangre azul
Aprender a serte fiel
-- (eng) Land of God
-- Sing with your voice
-- Give us your blue blood
-- Teach us to be faithful to you

(approximative Google translation to english)

Lyrics Ruth Damas (spanish version of Le Sang Bleu) Music Thierry Coupey
Producer March Larch (mix) & Thierry Coupey Performance Ruth (vocals), March (operatic in/outro), Thierry (instr)

Tierra de Sangre Azul

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