Mes Séries B (instrumentals)

Story Behind The Song

Next challenge in the series '50 songs to write with Roy'. Inspired from Pink Floyd, Mobby and personal experiences about Insomnia and all those things that keep me awake for hours, gazing at the ceiling. My 'B series' is directed every night by a very bad movie director, against my will. Inspired from Pink Floyd since i was born listening to them (thanks Papa and Mom). The tenor sax solo is an eye blink to my parents as their favorite acoustic instr. and biggest fans of Pink Floyd: it is recorded live from a Yamaha VL70m and played at the EWI (electronic wind instr.)

Song Description

Destined to be sung, I wanted an instrumental only version of 'Mes Séries B', as it could easily fit in a series or TV show. Guitar riffs on an airy bed of strings + electro beat. It underlines Suspense, anxiety, Insomnia, stress... those things that keep me awake for hours, gazing at the ceiling. Different moods in this track, and a more relieving "human" part at the tenor sax. Happpy 3rd place of the 2022 Dallas Songwriter Association contest, category Instrumentals. Finale playback here : Certificate here :

Song Length 4:27 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Anxious, Restless
Subject Sleeping Pills, Fear Era 2000 and later

Excellent soundtrack work reminiscent of Pink Floyd in spirit.

Awesome vibe in this winning soundtrack piece! I especially like the feeling at 3:19. Perfect for film. Bravo!!!

Love the vibe all the way through. Lots of nice surprises and I never knew what was going to happen next which kept me listening. Nice work on the music and the mysterious end. Really liked the interplay between the instruments the the melody lines were very peaceful. Nice work my friend.

The only thing I would suggest is bringing down the sax the first time it comes in. It's a bit too loud. Nothing else to say about that.

A very unusual and inspirational piece which I really enjoyed. Has plenty of surprises and lots of variation. I can see this being used for films/tv, no problem.

Lyrics Thierry Coupey Music Thierry Coupey
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