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Story Behind The Song

My father not being well at the moment, and me so far away, I wanted to write a song about my mood. I got it performed vocally by Jason Kuhn - Nashville.

Song Description

A pop easy listening / mellow track suggesting nostalgia of home. Ambition, willingness to try, discover, living fury of years ago... I was lucky and healthy to know that. Finding my own paradise, I did it too. But there are still regrets and nostalgia, somewhere in my heart.

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant Subject Home, Regret
Era 2000 and later


My heart is homeless
I got to realize
Ambition caught me, I've been blind

My quest had no rest
For my own paradise
But without you by my side
A better place I'll never find

Than Home
Oh this is where I'd rather be
Just at home
Gathering friends and family
I would give more than I own
To be back where I was grown
To finally break up
With regrets and nostalgia
Home sweet Home
A sacred flow watering my roots
Lovely Home
A thousand miles have ruined my boots
Oh should I be once forgiven
Just leave the door wide open
I will never hide your clear windows again
So you can see
As far as me

My love has never died
It seems easy to say
To go further and more I've always tried
But I had it everyday
This photograph of you
Whose colors didn't fade away
Filling a gap tainted of blue

My Home... (music)

bridge: I've seen so many places
But none where I belong
The world's most colored faces
Kept saying I was wrong

From words of old and wise monks
The wall of lamentations
To native chants and poetry
I made my way
Inside of me
I made my way
And now I go

Back Home
A sacred flow watering my roots
Lovely Home
A thousand miles have ruined my boots
Oh should I be once forgiven
Just leave the door wide open
I will never hide your clear windows again
So you can see
As far as me

Thierry, this composition especially at the bridge & the feeling of the entire piece all the way through sounds like another TC (Thierry Coupey) original... and again the tears came to my eyes as I heard the ending as the lyrics touched me with the feel of the music fade out. It is a GREAT job as your great personal experience expression.
Thank you for allowing me the honor to pro review another great Thierry Coupey styled song. I wish you many more songs to come as the artists within us knows there is another one ahead that we strive to make even better than the last.

Lyrics Thierry Coupey Music Thierry Coupey
Producer Thierry Coupey Publisher Thierry Coupey
Performance Thierry Coupey (music) & Jason Kuhn (vocals)
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