For Now

Story Behind The Song

During 7 months of recovery from a very dark episode of my life, I have learned precious things from my family, my friends and health professionals as well. I am now convinced more than ever that present, this ephemeral thing that we call 'now' is way more important than past and future.

Song Description

In a nutshell, as Horace would say, "CARPE DIEM", or 'seize the day, but seize it now!'. If no one fully lives the present moment, either because of the turbulence of regrets or the anxiety about what will come up, life just passes by without being enjoyed. It ruins it all. So I am dedicating this music to people having a mental disease, affecting them in their life. Thanks to the voice of Jason Kuhn from Nashville for bringing a special color to my song. --- En résumé, comme Horace disait d'une formule épicurienne, "CARPE DIEM", ou encore, 'cueille le jour qui passe, mais fais-le maintenant!'. Durant 7 mois après un épisode de dépression profonde, j ai pu comprendre mieux que jamais à quel point 'maintenant' est important, bien plus qu'avant ou après. Ce moment si éphémère qui est souvent gâché par les réminiscences d'un passé regretté ou par l'anxiété de ce qui n'est même pas encore vécu peut véritablement ruiner une vie entière si il n'est pas appécié pleinement. Je dédie donc cette musique à ceux qui ne peuvent pas vivre ce 'maintenant' à cause de leur santé mentale. Merci à Jason Kuhn de Nashville pour si bien chanter ce que j'ai écrit.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Pop - General, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming Subject Determination, Existence
Language English Era 2000 and later


(carpe diem)

(verse 1)
What is 'Now'
But a short
Lapse of time ?
Flying by
Wings of change
Open wide

Where tomorrow's winds
Together rushing in
As a blessing
Or in the name of Fate
They can blow to dissipate
in Yesterday

(verse 2)
I have learned
Thru my joy and my pains
How to get my sails up
How to have them ready
In time

So for now
I would rather keep on sailing
For now
I just want to keep on going
Where the winds will lead me.

I am done
Struggling with all my regrets
I can take
Life as good as it gets
So for now I m only rooting
Not for what is left behind or forgotten
But for every moment
Each and every second
Passing by

That's why
(to chorus)

(bridge) Caus' Now's already gone
If you all leave it alone
Don't wait for it to come
Back again

That's why
(to chorus)

(ending) For Now, For Now ...

You don't get much deeper than this. Great lyrics and great choice of instrumentation and arrangement. I hear a really good fusion of pop, folk and country. Song stays afloat very nicely.

Some songs can cross over easily to other genera's (like country to pop i.e., "Wind Beneath My Wings" or even a Beethoven classical [from the Beatles catalog] to a pop rock song) when the construction of lead music in lines & the vocalist fit that type of cross over in various choices of the arranger / producer.
With this song, in my opinion, "For Now" needs some more work. Not to be so distracting with the violin and other instrument parts which need to be re arranged. Overall the song concept & message is good. To blend the classical violin with the guitar work can be accomplished only if done at certain points within the track. If I was the producer / arranger on this project I would be able to show and explain more of how to accomplish this task that may take some more time than a song review allows.
Finally, in my opinion, this track "For Now" really requires a bit more work for you as a musician and arranger before I would release it for the consumer but for you as a songwriter it's a good song. So I suggest you take this song child and do some more work before you send it out of your home for others to view since I now know how very capable you are at doing great arrangements. Ok?
Thank you for letting me review "For Now" and I do look forward to more of your songs in the future "For Now" too.

Lyrics Thierry Coupey Music Thierry Coupey
Producer Thierry Coupey Publisher Thierry Coupey
Performance Thierry Coupey Instruments + Jason Kuhn Vocals Label Thierry Coupey
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