Bolero a Quatre Temps (Tenor solo & Choir, MOTS exclusive)

Story Behind The Song

Victory of soldiers with a high dramatic expression. Triumphant atmosphere.

Song Description

A long classical theme easily editable, very progressive in time and ultimately moving by its power to a triumphant march. FILM/FILM TRAILER EPIC INSTRUMENTAL Gave hand to hand the older version of this Boléro to Honorable Kent Nagano, chief conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of Montréal. It is probably lost in one of his cabinets as I am writing those lines :-) On Sept 14 2014, this Bolero had a major facelift on popular demand, with 8Dio high quality samples for the Tenor Solo and the Choir effects. Instruments, woods, brasses, strings and percs have been re-recorded 100%. The finale is now dramatic.

Song Length 8:58 Genre Classical - Classical, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cheerful Subject Spirituality
Language No Language Era 2000 and later


Some 8Dio-Requiem samples here, for the Tenor solo and the Choir effects.

A highly stylized and specifically composed piece in the Bolero vein that one could imagine hearing behind lush scenes of nature or a slowly developing non-narrative montage of visuals.

Interesting piece. The flute and oboe are too hot in the mix though. I think the snare could ad a lot more if it were a bit more bright.

I think you use that timpani roll too much. Consinder making it crescendo more. The guitar would sound more real if you did not bend it with the bender. Consider how loud percusion is relative to an orchestra, I think it is too burried in the mix. That said, I would pull back the volume levels of all instruments 25%. I think what you are struggling with is that all the elements are turned up too loud in the mix; by pulling them all back and then boosting the volume of the master fader, you can achieve greater separation. I can tell you put a good deal of work into the orchestration, and I think it is very nice with the exception of a few minor incidentals. Your big fade out at the end ruins the climax, I would suggest orchestrating a bigger ending or let it end at the end of the climactic point. Consider cutting out some instruments when bringing others into the arrangement, you lose the brass entirely because 1) the stereo placement is similar to the strings; 2)Rather than alternating element voices you seem to be continually adding and adding more voices. Also, consider the stereo placement of all your instruments, that may mean making some of them mono, completely, that makes them stand out with out saturating the whole stereo spread. I think this some is worth some tweeking, it is a great arrangement. Cheers!!

A celestial, well-shaped, dreamy march track.

Lyrics N/A Music Thierry Coupey
Producer Thierry Coupey Publisher Thierry Coupey
Performance Thierry Coupey Label Thierry Coupey
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