Story Behind The Song

This song was written by both Frank and Jenna of Nights as encouragement to each other to keep chasing their dreams and look at the bright side. Both bands members suffer from depression, and this songs is about pulling each other out of the dark places inside your head and existing in the real world, not just the mental place that keeps you physically in bed all day long. Jenna wrote the verses to Frank, and Frank wrote the chorus to Jenna. The bridge is about wanting the stage and spotlight ('stars in our head'), and spending all your time in venues ('marks on our hands') to get it, but still be haunted by things of the past that cause you not to believe in yourself sometimes. The giant, heavy crashing ending is a way of saying.. f*&$ it, let's just do it and play what we love to play. Getting louder and heavier is symbolic of how hard it is stepping out of the depression.

Song Description

Sunshine is a grungy, dream-pop rock song reminiscent of the 90's that crashes into a heavy ending where Maraldo shows off his ability to harness feedback and puts his pedals to use. The song is about getting out of bed and choosing to be alive instead of letting depression win, and sang by both Fournier and Maraldo. The song has a feeling of hope and takes the listener to a place where they are asked to let go of their worries and be carefree for a day.

Song Length 4:55 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging, Joyful Subject Philosophy, Hope
Similar Artists Smashing Pumpkins, Paramore Language English
Era 2000 and later


Wake up, and shake your sleepers off!
It seems that we've been dreaming way too long!
It feels more real inside these heads of ours....
...wake up, before all sense is lost.

It starts with the hardest step.

Come out, the sun is shining!
We'll chase the day away!
Just wanna see you smiling... shake your blues away.

Take off the mask you made for yourself.
Your skin breathes in, your lungs fill up with air.
It starts with the hardest step.

We've got stars in our head, marks on our hands.
We're fighting for this.
We've got scars from our past from words that will last on and on.

Lyrics Jenna Fournier and Frank Maraldo Music Nights
Producer Nights and Jim Stewart Publisher Jenna Fourneir
Performance Frank Maraldo, Jenna Fournier, Ryan Wilkins, Chris Dalman
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