Story Behind The Song

The song has a double meaning. It is about a girl going out into the woods, getting lost, and forgetting why she ventured off in the first place. She forgets her purpose.. becomes sleepy and in a dreamlike state, and falls to the ground. She is surrounded by butterflies.. which are described as having 'knife teeth, a forked tongue, and spoon eyes// blood teeth, petal wings, moon eyes.' We get a sense that the butterflies are evil but enchanting. They can represent change, transformation, or to the conspiracy theorists, mind control.

Song Description

A haunting and enchanting fantasy pop tune about a girl lost in the woods, surrounded and seduced by evil butterflies. The melodic, driving, catchy song follows a tradition pop formula of verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus, and deals in subject matter that is mature and left open a bit for interpretation. The chorus is catchy and sticks with the listener. The music has several layers of guitar effects that dance around the female singer's vocals the way the butterflies dance around the character in the song.

Song Length 5:10 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Anxious, Enchanting Subject Change, Insects
Similar Artists Jewel, Fleet Foxes Language English
Era 2000 and later


I've wandered far from home, reading tea leaves and tossing stones.
Remind me what I came to seek?
Tiny beasts encircle me.. [and] pull me into reverie.

Oh! Butterflies!
Knife Teeth, Forked-Tongued, Spoon Eyes!
Oh, Butterflies...
Blood Teeth, Petal-Winged, Moon Eyes.

I fall into the ground among the leaves,
in a patch where sunshine creeps between the trees.
My eyelids show me fire flickering...
[and] tiny shadows dancing on and off the screen....

... Butterflies!
Knife Teeth, Forked-Tongued, Spoon Eyes!
Oh, How they Fly ...
Blood Teeth, Petal-Winged, Moon Eyes.

Lyrics Jenna Fournier Music Nights
Producer Jim Stewart and Nights Publisher Jenna Fournier
Performance Nights Label none
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