We Gave It Our All

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Not one worth telling, as far as stories go anyway...

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Become love personafied... Go to sleep on love and wake up in love's body, feel the ache in love's bones... Rise to meet the world and capture it through loves eye's, stand in the morning glow of warm sun and look out at the world for love's window.... Realize that there's nothing out there but life and loss and that the real truth, the real pleasure, the only heaven is the one right here inside of love's two bedroom Blvd. apartmant in the heart of Big city Nowhere.... And do all this before you go looking into the mirror and realize that you dont even recognize Love amymore, because its too old or tired or predictable to admire like you admired it once, long ago.... -CH

Song Length 4:30 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cheerless, Heartbreaking Subject Fools, Regret
Similar Artists Ricky Skaggs, Bryan Adams Language German
Era 1920 - 1929


All We Had To Give

Now why must my heart be broken?
Even after I gave it all,
Seems no matter how hard I try,
Still there's nothing there to break my fall,

Well I know that we give it our all,
That both of our hearts have left to give,
But aint it sad ho only now,
Even that don't make it easier to live.

So why work so hard for so long,
Just to try and make it all work,
When we could've just given up on each other early on,
Spared us both a world of hurt,

Well I know that we give it our all,
That both of our hearts have left to give,
But aint it sad ho only now,
Even that don't make it easier to live.

Are we not wiser than this,
Are we not concerned with truthfulness,
Have we not just lost and called it our all,
Or did we really have no more left to give.

Well I know that we give it our all,
That both of our hearts have left to give,
But aint it sad ho only now,
Even that don't make it easier to live.

All Music and Lyrics By: Nick Coleman and Crawford Hurst
© 3/10/2013

Very real performance, the feelings come thru It touched me Nice job

Lyrics Nick Coleman and Crawford Hurst Music Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman
Producer Thunder Runner Jones Publisher Hoyt Fredrickburg
Performance Nicky 'Pappy' Coleman Label Dirty Are These Dreams Of Fame Records
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