Leah and Myself

Song Length 4:10 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive Subject Unrequited Love


Well at 20 years old I was in love with a woman/
She was ripe as a pearl and sweet as whipped cream/
And I wrote her love letters and I hoped that she'd read them/
But she never did much care for my lack of hygiene/

Well she'd sit on a park bench and read a best seller/
While I laid in the shade and strummed my guitar/
And every so often she'd glare over the pages/
To remind me that I'd never be a big star/

Well Leah liked Tequila and she held it like Jose/
She drank it like a juice hopin I'd go away/
But every morning when she woke up I was laying beside her/
And she'd stumble to the toilet with nothing to say/

Well I was so in love I didn't need to her to love me/
Her heart was stubborn and her tongue was unkind/
But I never reconsidered my devotion to Leah/
Cause I was young and in love and the two left me blind/


Well I turned 23 on the day Leah left me/
She wrote me a note saying farewell it's been fun/
And I'm sorry that I hurt you but your wounds they will soon heal/
Darlin' we both knew this day would soon come/

Now I'm 24 which means Leah is 40/
And I wonder just how she's doing these days/
She's probably sittin on a park bench reading John Grisham/
Feeding the ducks and chasing young boys away/



Well for all I know she's probably still stumbling today

Very cool and entertaining tune with a really Dylanesque feel to it, both in the style and the voice. Leaving it acoustic is probably a good choice, as it probably works best that way.

not as simple a folk tune as it begins, simple chords but not a bad thing. like the lyrics "like of hygiene" nice line, and MANY more followed. really liked this song's honesty and true "folk" vibe.

I like the story! You have a good voice.I think you have a good hook sticks in your head!

Lyrics Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman Music Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman
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