Song Length 4:20 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Depressing, Restless
Subject Breaking Up, Dysfunctional Relations Language English
Era 2000 and later



I?m going to write you a letter
I?m going to tell you how it is
Cause I?m not sure you care anymore
Not sure if you ever did

I can?t understand how you think it?s better without me
But that?s the way you want it so it?s going to be that way
I try to deal with it by writing this melody
But sometimes I can?t and those aren?t the better days

I?m going to tell you a story
I?m going to make you feel like me
And I don?t care if that?s good or bad for you
I?m going to make you feel this sea

Cause we both know that our childhood is gone
And you can?t undo anything that was wrong
And I don?t care if you don?t feel that way
It?s what I?ve become, and I?m feeling all right today

Maybe now I should just move on
Or maybe we should start from the start
Cause I feel like I?ve been running on empty
Maybe all I need is a little jumpstart

And now our latitudes have changed
But I?m not mad you can?t be blamed
I can?t help it my gratitude is gone
Maybe I never had any at all

I?m going to show you what I?m made of
Not going to listen to those voices in my head
I?m past all the genes and love stuff
I?m past it all I?ve got reassurance in myself
I?ve got confidence and I?m happy with myself

Now I?m thinking I should rethink my thoughts
Maybe it wasn?t meant to be at all
I?m holding on cause people tell me that I should
And everybody?s saying these relationships should live

What do you think?

Lyrics Christian Adams Music Christian Adams
Producer Christian Adams Publisher Christian Adams
Performance New Tribal Revolution
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