Chatting with Ego

Song Length 3:46 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Restless, Distressed
Subject Fear, Frustration Language English
Era 2000 and later


Chatting with Ego

How long have you been there?
How long have you been running my life?

I don?t know what you want
Can?t believe didn?t see you all this time

I can reason with you
But can you really reason with your mind?

And now I?m facing all this stuff
Made some wrong decisions
I?ve been following you
Like you been my best
Like you been my best friend

There goes some more eye candy
Should I risk it all on one night
Oh she seems so lovely
She seems oh so lovely and so (nice)

Are you really with me?
Or are you against all that is right?
All this instant pleasure
Is starting to drain my soul of light

Now I feel like I?m losing my mind
I don?t know who?s in control you or I
I don?t know who?s

He tells me to get quiet
That?s the only way to subdue you
And really be honest
And I?ll start to hurt and so will you

I don?t know if I can go through this again
Sort of like being along for the ride

And let you run my
And control my
And let you be my life

Lyrics Christian Adams Music Christian Adams
Producer Christian Adams Publisher Christian Adams
Performance Christian Adams and Fred Bredfry
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