All In The Game

Song Description

A fun, playful song. Reminiscent of the 40's jazz scene. (Andrew Sisters). Great for TV & Film. Comedy.

Song Length 3:26 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Jazz - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Life
Language English Era 1940 - 1949

Nice song. Has a great feel. Can see it in a show, musical. Like the texture of the background vocal. The overall song is nicely put together.

i like the job you did on this song. comes across nice and smooth, sounds a little like billy, good harmonies. this engineer did a nice job. would love to get plastered with the singer.

Hi there! Good stuff overall--I like the loungey/jazzy vibe that's going on here. I also like the overall arrangement you put together for this song.

The main vocal is great and fits the song well. I dig the vocal melody too--it continues to be just different enough from one part to the next and keeps me interested throughout.

Good job!

This song is a nice song, I battle to hear what the vocalist is saying so one loses the story line. It's gota catchy tune and sticks in ones mind which makes it a winner. Thiscould be used in a film as it's take me into a 60's feel when I think of it. Nice song well done. it will go far, love the singers voice something different.

I really like this song

I like entire song vocals and instruments as well

It's a really engaging song. The musical changes keep the listener really engaged. The vocalist deserves a special mention..She sells the song with great effect. Great use of backing vocals. I like the muted trumpet very much. Nice piano too.

I have nothing positive to say about this song, sorry!

Love the female vocal on this track

I really like the vocals in this song. They sound pure, sweet and unique. The music also pairs very well with the vocals. Instruments sound great the leads sound super nice and clean. Really enjoyed listening to this wonderful jazzy song.

Love this, just love it. Original, quirky, lots of character. I need to concentrate on the vocals here mainly as they are absolutely top notch. Main vocals carry the listener all the way along and backing vocals are perfect. Tone, delivery and dynamics, all the way to the end. Congrats on this, I can see you getting a lot of traction here.

Excellent song! All of the instruments were played with perfection. The vocals were eloquently sung with right cadence and tone to uplift the tune. The background vocals were a beautiful compliment to the lead vocals. I could hear this tune streamed along with the greats like Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and the likes.

Wow, I was really impressed with this song. Jazz isn't my genre, but this would make me an instant fan. Easygoing instrumentation (love sax and synth flute) in intro eases the listener gently into a song that's quite a surprise topically. Lyrics are cleverly written and really tight structurally. I like it when an artist can say so much in so few syllables, makes the song singable and memorable. Best lyric: All this talk about black and white, who's tough, who's boss, who's wrong who's right. Excellent! I like the scat section at the end. This song is definitely a keeper and I'd love to hear more from this artist.

An interesting blending of the electronic with live elements.

Sounds like one of those nightclub background songs sung at a nightclub. In that context it work for me... I like the 'clubby' feel to it. As it goes on it's going back in time for me! It's now 1940's Andrews Sisters... I like the female vocal, it has a cool Betty Boop sound to it.

Some quality work here, I suspect this song took lots of time and coordination. The instruments were so great at accessorizing, sounded like a straight up muted trumpet/coronet? You all nailed what I would think of as the modern day version of jazz and flipper genre.

Beautiful lead female vocals, great backup harmonies as well, cool sounding horn as well. Sounds like a good soundtrack to a movie.

Love the whole song! great muted trumpet, great vocal arrangement. Fun stuff.

Good vocals, lovely trumpet sound and unique. Enjoyable song to listen too. Nice easy going song to listen to.

I loved the jazzy and upbeat vibe of the song. It almost sounded more like a blues song rather than a jazz song. I loved the instrumentals and the way your voice sounded. It was a tribute to the old throwback music that I loved. I thought you did a good job with vocals and arrangement. Very nice song, you did a nice job on it.

I absolutely love this - such a great vibe, wonderful lyrics, excellent harmony work, and just really good fun, engaging piece. This is really, really well done, great work, great writing. I only wish my computer speakers were a little better so that I could've caught all the words in the chorus/hook line.

This has a great playful and the vocal blends have a sound reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters. Really nice instrument choices. I love the muted trumpet and the light whistle. The bass and percussion are great as well. The vocalist has a sound that works really well with the playful mood of the song. Overall this song is quite enjoyable to listen to.

I like the style and I like where the music goes in the bridge. The echoed voices is something new and offers something other than tired effects (although some people might prefer something else). A fun kind of song. Nice job.

Recording was really nice, loved the trumpet. Very nice harmonies. I can definitely see this tune perfect for broadway, movies, tv... just about anything!! Nicely done.

A nice retro piece that blends jazz and blues. Nice sultry female vocals as well. Great feel and atmosphere!

Very cool production.

I like the laid back feeling and the singer is good. Sounds like live instruments? realistic and good instrumentation.

Great piece, marketable number

Sweet. Nice to hear something that's not over produced and compressed to the max. Loved the vocals and the overall feel.

Lyrics Melvin Barham & Janice Dempsey Music Melvin Barham & Danny Pickering
Producer Melvin Barham & Danny Pickering Publisher Emarbi-Music (BMI)
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