Magical Madcap Tour

Song Description

A whimsical tour of the continents.

Song Length 5:23 Genre Unique - Children
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject General, Country, Nation
Similar Artists The Beatles Language English


You say you get tired of staring at those same four walls.
The world is full of wonders and you want to see them all,
from Albania to Zimbabwe.
You got travel mania! Well, don?t go the hard way!
You?d need a train to catch your plane. You haven?t packed? You?d better dash!
Before your boat will even float you?ll need a big old heap of cash!
Instead relax, and stick with me. We?ll do our travelling for free.
We?ve seven continents to see! On a Magical Madcap Tour...

Book a magical madcap tour
around the world with me.
Book a magical madcap tour
at your library.

Swedish meatballs, Italian ice,
Polish sausages, Spanish rice:
Such sustenance you?ll stir up
on the continent of Europe.

I thought they might be upside down
like dragons dancing through the town.
Those alphabets will amaze ya
on the continent of Asia.

Repeat Chorus

A lion?s tongue is pink and wet
but I think you?ll find you?d rather let
an elephant or giraffe lick ya
on the continent of Africa.

Penguins play on glaciers clear
while the day spins on for half a year.
Says sun to sky, "Can?t part with ya,"
on the continent, Antarctica.

Repeat Chorus

My boomerang I thought I threw.
Came back to me a kangaroo.
If you?re not a gent, they?ll jail ya
on the continent, Australia.

"Life is rich in the brave new West,
but mi amigo, I?ve one request:
Stop poking me with Panama,"
says South to North America.

Lyrics Monty Harper Music Monty Harper
Producer Monty Harper Publisher Monty Harper Productions
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