Grandma's House Tonight

Song Description

A cumulative story song in which more and more silly creatures follow the family car on a long and winding trip to Grandma's house. Lots of sound effects. The tempo increases as the chorus gets longer. There are movements based on sign language that go wi

Song Length 5:14 Genre Unique - Children
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Subject Cars
Language English


Backing out the driveway into the street,
cars going by say, ?Beep beep beep!?
Stopping at the stop, look left and right,
then it?s through the intersection and out of sight.

We're on our way now to Grandma's,
Mommy and Daddy and I.

Won't that be a big surprise when
we arrive... at Grandma's house tonight?

Driving through the Lone Star, heck of a view.
Cows going by say, ?Moo moo moo.?
Then we get a shocker in the rear-view mirror.
Running down the highway is a longhorn steer.

Repeat Chorus, Add..
With a longhorn steer giving us a "Cheer!"

Heading straight for the Gulf of Mexico.
Signs whizzing by say, ?No no no!?
Then we hit the water and it?s sink or bail,
but swimming to our rescue is a killer whale.

Repeat Chorus, Add..
A killer whale dancing on his tail

We finally hit land. It?s the Florida Swamp.
Something in the water goes, ?Chomp chomp chomp!?
My stomach starts churnin' like an escalator,
?cause jumpin' on our bumper is an alligator.

Repeat Chorus, Add..
An alligator on the radiator

I think we may be lost now. It?s only a hunch.
Snow beneath the tires goes, ?Crunch crunch crunch.?
We?re north of Alabama, but I don?t know where.
Thumbing for a ride we see a polar bear.

Repeat Chorus, Add..
A polar bear giving us a scare

South through Washington?s great state park.
Dogs chasing something say, ?Bark bark bark!?
A little hairy guy with great big feet
leaps out of the forest into our back seat.

Repeat Chorus, Add..
A Bigfoot guy sitting on my thigh

East through Arizona and the fossil beds.
Teacher said the dinosaurs were dead dead dead.
But the ground starts shaking like a discotheque,
and dancing up behind us is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Repeat Chorus, Add..
Tyrannosaurus Rex breathing down our necks

Finally we?re cruising a familiar street.
Cars going by say, ?Beep beep beep!?
We?re just around the corner
and three blocks south
from the driveway where we started:
It?s Grandma?s house!

And we all say ?Hi? to Grandma,
Mommy and Daddy and I, etc...
Now Grandma, aren't you quite surprised we've all arrived
on your front porch tonight?

Grandma says, ?Super, the gang?s all here, but
where?s that purple dragon that you brought last year??

Lyrics Monty Harper Music Monty Harper
Producer Monty Harper Publisher Monty Harper Productions
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