One Time Too Many

Story Behind The Song

the song came about around an all nite camp fire where good friend shared stories and beer

Song Description

this song starts off with vocal and acoustic then builds to full band with funky groove and spoken word that will leave you smiling and tapping your feet

Song Length 3:42 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Content Subject Regret, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later


One last time before we cross that final line just
let me smoke one last cigarette do all the things that i should forget
never lived a life of regrets
I just want to one more time

One time too many is just enough
sometimes I think I got that midas touch
cause if I try I think that I could turn it all into gold

Didn't you hear
a century can last 100 years
that's as long as it would take me to find a face as lovely as yours
evertime I think that I'm cured I wish for you one more time


I be throwin out the book smart rhymes
straight outta the text but your vexed cause my style is perplexed
comiing back at ya with a lyrical left and right
but you can't Buster me I'm like my main man Iron Mike
that's right me too I'm reinstated always perpetrated
you better step away from me when I get aggitated
see I'll knock you strat the F#@* thru to friday I'm the chairman of the board I do things my way
just like the blue eyed lady killer from the rat pack days I'll have you sleeping with the fishes
I'm not your super hero more like your boy-wonder
I'm lichon like a viking
when I pillage and I plunder
never claim to be a saint Lief Ericson I ain't
and when you take a look at me what you see is energy
cause I'm super conductive I'm highly deductive very reproductive when I'm acting quite seductive
to ladies and the gents
now you know what I meant but I never wanna swing like that
becuase I dig the women in the skin tight denim but only if they're gonna let me up in 'em
I'm a sex crazed animal flesh hungry like Hannibal
with a move so hot, should lable me as flamable
the fly by kickin, big booty stickin
even Colonel Sanders considers me finger lickin'
see I'm the cherry on the top of your ice-cream, double scoop vanilla fantasy with flavor supreme


Lyrics jeremy baucom Music jonathan ansley, jeremy baucom
Producer jonathan ansley Publisher na
Performance jonathan ansley, jeremy baucom Label na

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