Story Behind The Song

we just wanted to write a song about being true to yourself and having a good time doing it. A party vibe in a song.

Song Description

This is about being yourself and not conforming. It has a party vibe that is undeniable. Once you hear it you just may let your freak hang out.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood In High Spirits, Welcoming Subject Conformity, Freedom
Language English Era 2000 and later


Friday night, feeling right
twelve o'clock is around the bend
My mother said only Freaks hang out in the a.m.

Here we are, got my guitar
playing you an original
my daddy said only Freaks make money in music

Da da da.... let your Freak hang out
let your Freak hang out....
c'mon we gotta rock this joint
we're gonna thro this mutha down

Feel the sound, sonic shakes the ground
wake the neighbors up right out of bed
that judge he saidonly Freaks would play that music at midnight
shake me down to the ground
pick me up , do it all again
because we all know what Freaks are doing late in the bedroom


Caught a cold, so i'm told
woke up stoned in the hospital
my doctor said only Freaks believe in home remdies

Searched for God , the great charod
Darwin hit the nail right on the head
my preacher said only Freaks believe in evolution
like survival of the Freakiest


Lyrics jonathan ansley. jeremy baucom Music jonathan ansley, jeremy baucom
Producer jonathan ansley Publisher na
Performance jonathan ansley, jeremy baucom Label na

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