You Are Broken

Story Behind The Song

When my old band broke up i got a record deal. Writing and recording a record on my own was a wild time. This song shares some of the stories from the wild ride.

Song Description

This song is about proving to people that had given up hope that they were wrong.

Song Length 2:53 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Aggressive, Restless Subject Friend, Pride
Similar Artists Foo Fighters, AC/DC Language English
Era 2000 and later


You Are Broken by Micheal Lee Collins
© 2009 All Rights Reserved

I was found at the bottom with a cold chill fever
looking like I am down for the count
you would pick me up and push me over
we're always in the biggest crowds
but I stood up and you turned down
it's funny how we all went our way
now the tables turned I bet it burns
when you crawl in the bed you made

look who's laughing now

your not hearing words i've spoken
i've been thinking you are broken

through the crowd I see two black eyes
that I gave to someone last week
he was ready to go and now I know
I spent the night in the drinking tank
but I've been known to hold my own
and I've even stepped over the line
so all apologies and pretty please
I really just don't have the time

we've been here before you never would listen
now you think you can make it on your own
I crawled out of the bottle I was drinking
but your drowning wasted still and stoned

Very cool track. Really well done. Recording quality is top notch. Has a Stone Temple Pilots vibe to me.

Great track well put together had a real punch but there was good build and break so it had more impact good musicians and sounded nice and tight

Vocals sat well in the middle and just right for the sound and song and the lyrics just gave it an edge
Don't usually listen to this genre but did enjoy this

Lyrics Micheal Lee Collins/Pete Matthews/Evan Wilons Music Micheal Lee Collins/Pete Matthews/Evan Wilons
Producer Pete Matthews Performance Haven Hill
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