Lover's Lane

Story Behind The Song

What if a judge sentenced all couples that fight to live on the same street. That street being called Lover's Lane

Song Description

A newlywed couple has alot of domestic disturbance complaints so they have to move out of their neighborhood

Song Length 2:44 Genre Blues - Delta, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Revolting, Beside Yourself Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Dysfunctional Family
Similar Artists Chuck Berry, Foo Fighters Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lover's Lane
lyrics- Micheal Lee Collins
Music- Micheal Lee Collins/Josh Copeland/Brandon Snider

Handed me a hatchet, carved out of a rose
Said that I should bury it but don't know where it goes
And I can't put it down
The judge done warned us he's 'bout to kick us out of town

We got in a fight at our court case hearing
The judge stood up and said you've don't got your last warning, yeah
And slammed the gavel in my face
And sentenced us to life down on lover's lane

Cause we scream, and we fight
We're burning both ends of the candle at midnight
My baby loves to hate me and I do the same
Now we gotta do it down on Lover's Lane

We put up a white picket fence up in the yard
The neighbors wife knocked it down driving her car, yeah
She was drinking on sunday.
See everyone is like us, down on Lover's Lane

We're moving down on Lover's Lane!!!

great musicianship. rockin guitars

don't think this is delta blues,but--i like it!--pretty cool rockin tune! yeeeee hi!--------joe--i would like to hear this on the radio!

Lyrics Micheal Lee Collins Music Micheal Lee Collins/Josh Copeland/Brandon Snider
Performance Micheal Lee Collins/Josh Copeland
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