mirror ballz

Story Behind The Song

it started with a long arpeggiated bass pattern that I added a delay and some modulation to, then I just added a four on the floor dance beat and started layering synths. the two main synths are panned mid-hard R/L and sound really fat being from two separate soft synth engines...all of the sequencing was done in Maschine then it was mixed/mastered in Logic Pro 9.

Song Description

a dance track created for a submission to a licensing oppy, it's an instrumental but it will be remixed with a vocal track added in the near future...it's a pretty slammin' track with detail on heavy drums/percussion and a wicked arpeggiated pattern that carries a tread thru the whole track...sort of Jan Hammer meets Gaga...

Song Length 4:32 Genre Electronic - Dance, Pop - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Blissful, Cheerful
Similar Artists Lady GaGa, Jan Hammer Era 2000 and later


instrumental version

Chill song!

Music Earl A. Brackett Producer Earl A. Brackett
Performance Earl A. Brackett
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