Too Late Too Far Gone (un-finished demo)

Song Length 3:42 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock


Too Late Too Far Gone

Music and Lyrics by Mike Previti

Takin in the view from the backseat
Learnin all my lessons from my history
All I ever rack up are the B-sides
Waitin for the ticket for my next ride
I know you?ve had your share of bad light
I hope you?ll find a place that?s warm
And beat another storm

No way ain?t no how
There are no words
It?s complicated
So you go on you go on
It?s too late too far gone

All I want to do is to help you get there
Turning all the keys but your nowhere
Hate to see you not you on the outside
Try to put your face on but you can?t hide
I know you?ve thrown a lot of sunlight
I know you?ll find a place that?s warm
You?ve done it before

Repeat chorus

Gone, it kills you slowly
Gone, your highs seem low
But don?t run away
You?re one away
I know

Can?t get out
I can?t be
I can?t find
What was me
I can?t breathe
I?m in deep
Where is me?

Lyrics Mike Previti Music Mike Previti

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