My Only Prayer

Song Description

Written from the perspective of someone looking for an answer to their prayers

Song Length 4:14 Genre Pop - General, Folk - Rock


My Only Prayer
Music and Lyrics by Mike Previti

Mister please can you help?
Seemed to have lost my way
And where once there was light
It?s as dark as the loneliest night
Could it be when I call
I catch you at a bad time?
I know there?s famine and hate
So much more on your plate at one time
Maybe the words that I throw are as quiet as clouds
So I?ll scream them out loud
So you can hear through the crowd
My only prayer

Give me a clue how to send a message your way
You see the hands of this clock I can?t get them to stop
Time is running away
Oh could weather be the reason?
I know the snow and rainy season
Makes it hard to get around
So I?ll lace up my boots
And put a dog sled on route till your found
There intentions that I hold are not just for myself
It might seem like a lot
But it?s all that I?ve got
My only prayer

What do I have to do?
I promise my words will be few
I?d ring all the world?s bells
Tell the devil to go to hell
Maybe put it on the evening news
Would that be better for you?

Mister please can you help?
I?m down on my knees
I think I?ve lost the fight
I don?t feel much like fightin these days
Maybe I seem out of line to think of myself
While I?m shackled and bound
I need you around
My only prayer

Lyrics Mike Previti Music Mike Previti

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