Movie Song - Reprise

Story Behind The Song

Reprise carries a simple, mellow theme. Like its companion song ("Movie Song"), it's good if you want to relax to some mellow music or might provide underscore for Film or TV.

Song Description

This production is ultimately meant to be a soundtrack (mostly underscore) for a dramatic film or scenic documentary. If commissioned, the actual score would be created on spec using the themes in this recording. Otherwise this can be enjoyed as a contiguous song of its own. This song is a companion to "Movie Song". Warning, this song is extremely mellow! But it picks up in the final section with a moderately jazzed up ending.

Song Length 4:09 Genre New Age - Alternative, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Mood Serene, Passive

Quiet meditative track. Definitely relaxing. Like the subtle synth patch in the background. Nice piano solo too!

I love the tension that builds in this song with the lower and upper case, and the beautiful melody therein. Nice execution on the keyboard, and fanciful flights of lovliness.
Best wishes on a very beautiful piece.

this is a very soothing piece! like the bass line on the piano! the melodies were also very nice! loved the build up at the end!

Lyrics n/a Music Michael Collison
Producer Michael Collison Publisher Michael Collison
Performance Michael Collison Label n/a

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