Movie Song

Story Behind The Song

This production began with my recording an impromptu free-association session on the keyboard. There was no back-story; only the capturing of a mellow, introspective mood born from a blended musical background in classical, new age, and rock. I expanded the initial themes with additional layers and intricacies, and it's these complexities that I hope some listeners will enjoy, even if the song wasn't constructed with traditional song structures.

Song Description

This production is ultimately meant to be a soundtrack (mostly underscore) for a dramatic film (think "American Beauty") or scenic documentary. If commissioned, the actual score would be created on spec using the themes in this recording. Otherwise this can be enjoyed as a contiguous song of its own. Movie Song contains four distinct parts, starting off with a slow, intimate theme and unfolding into something with more movement and urgency. Part three breaks out into an unorthodox blend of new age, classical, and something from "Arabian Nights" which would have to be played live with four hands on the piano. Part four reprises part two.

Song Length 11:24 Genre New Age - Alternative, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Floating Mood Peaceful, Tranquil
Subject General, General

I LOVE the dripping reverb. For some folks it would be too much but this is REALLY nice.I love the meandering of your piano mind on this. This piano records very well. I can hear the room it's in. Nice piano sound.

Nice feeling! I like the corny outro as well.
Very well played. Great song

Nice sound design. I really enjoyed those keys ! Excellent.

Lyrics n/a Music Michael Collison
Producer Michael Collison Publisher Michael Collison
Performance Michael Collison Label n/a
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