Ten Thousand Miles (Psalm 72:12-14)

Story Behind The Song

My daughter, Mallory, will be serving at an orphanage in rural Kenya, this summer. As I went to their website ( http://www.tumainimilesofsmiles.org/about-tumaini.html ) I was struck by the pictures of the children--beautiful, smiles on their faces, but needy. I then read Psalm 72:12-14, that they had posted (It is also on their building) "He will help the poor when they cry out and will serve the needy when no one else will help. He will be kind to the weak and poor, and he will save their lives. He will save them from cruel people who try to hurt them because their blood is precious to him." - Psalm 72:12-14 That Psalm just wrecked my as I looked at the pictures and looked at God's heart. How does God help the needy...but through our willing hands....wait, through my daughter's willing hands... Wrecked me... I saw a song in there...called Ten Thousand Miles. Kenya is roughly ten thousand miles from Southern California. It is also about half way around the world. Far enough, that people may not think of going. Rural Kenya is too distant...or, is it, really...? AS THE POOR CRY OUT, WHO WILL HEAR THEIR CALL? The song is meant to be just a bit hymnal. I hope to gain the money to fully produce it and I have a vision of a choir coming in for the third chorus.

Song Description

I wrote this song after reading Psalm 72:12-14 on the website of a rural Kenyan orphanage, while seeing the pictures of the children. My daughter had just been accepted onto a team that was to serve at this far away place.

Song Length 3:02 Genre Country - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gracious Subject Spirituality


There are distant lands where love is seldom shown
Where people are abandoned and unknown
There is a famine for peace and hope
And places love still needs to go

As the poor cry out, who will hear their call
Who will help the needy who have no one at all
Who will hold the child who's orphaned and alone
Love still has ten thousand miles to go

God hears the call from these distant lands
He will love them, but through our willing hands
The love of God is known as it is shown
When we touch the faces ten thousand miles from home

As the poor cry out, I will hear their call
I will help the needy who have no one at all
I will hold the child who's orphaned and alone
Because love still has ten thousand miles to go

Love still has ten thousand miles
Ten thousand miles
Ten thousand miles
Ten thousand miles..... to go

Lyrics Matthew Stemme Music Jason Wyatt/Matthew Stemme
Producer Jason Wyatt
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Clean Clean

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