Lolly-Pop (short version)

Story Behind The Song

A jolly childrens' or gaming type tune.

Song Length 0:50 Genre Unique - Children
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits
Subject Happiness, Party

I like 50 seconds songs. They're the best. A vibraphone, twinkling things, an uptempo piano, a lead that seems a synth out of the seventies, all condensed in a clownesque little march. It clearly aims to be an opening [or closing] musical theme for a children program.

I am sure I already reviewed this piece and gave it high marks. But just in case I am getting old....I really love it! So cute, so happy, so bouncy and cheerful. I am sure this would have great success in the commercial market if you can find the right buyer/application. Maybe for a video game.

Music Matt Brimilcombe Performance Matt Brimilcombe
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MrJackBrickhouse a.k.a Shades Hear Me Out! 1/12/2013

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