Song Description

Keepin' the faith and keepin' my perspective

Song Length 4:00 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


words and music by matt taylor
(c)applegatemusic 2005

every day I wake up thankful
to live each day try to be tranquil
give me peace and let me shine
the day is good and I feel fine

sometimes when I'm feeling faded
sorry to all the folks who waited
patient learning down through time
the end will surely see it shine


I try to do the best I can
I'm blessed to dig toes in the sand
and feel my feet go walking down
this big blue ball that goes around and around

tryin' hard just to retain
all this traveling but the rain
obscures my view from time to time
but the end will surely see it shine


If I can help you in this life you know I will
give you everything in time
but if I ever feel like I'm just standing still
sorry but I'm probably gonna have to move on down the line

staring down that road again
we all must die but who knows when
enjoy it now and take your time
cause the end will surely see it shine

i'm getting closer to the plan
i got no choice now but to stand
and see it through and i'll be fine
cause the end will surely see it shine


Loved the instrumentation and the harmony and/or over-singing. Original treatment and lyrics. Liked the free approach to performance.

I love the horns in this mix, but they are a little hot. Guitar and vocals blend very nicely and the harmonies are subtle and beautiful. Lyrically a very strong song, I always wondered why Lyrics was not an grading point, so I'll give you 4/5. I had trouble following the structure of the song, but it was still very endearing and engaging.

cool bluesy track thas hat new orleans feel to it with the horns. interesting style. very cool easy vibe to the track. good laid back tune

Lyrics matt taylor Music matt taylor
Producer matt taylor Publisher matt taylor
Performance matt taylor
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