Why Now

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Lies & deception....finally had enough.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Disturbed Subject Breaking Up, Heartbreak
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


V1: When we toasted, broke our glasses, this they said, we'd always be
together, love that last forever but now today

My heart beats so fast, my head is spinning, I'm so afraid, you must explain.

You kisses, kisses, passionate kisses a masquerade
head games you were playing, lies you heart was faking...I'm so ashamed

Now you see deeply, in my eyes clearly, like never b-4
My world revolved around you, truly do adore you but my heart you've torn CH: Why now does your heart want to feel my love, share my dreams, I'm confused
Why now doest your heart want to feel my pain, share my sadness too.

When now does your heat want to give back to me, Love I gave to you, Now I see lies and deception in your eyes, love that wasn't true
V2: Now you come to me, empty handed, this you plead
Please don't ignore me, need you to assure me
That you still love me I'm staring thru you and you can now see I've had enough, tired of pretending,
love for you is ending into darkness.


I n s t u m e n t a l

I love you, you loved me, alI a lie, now I see,
gave my love all my heart and now it's torn apart

Lyrics Maryline Marie Music Irena Rashri
Producer Irena Rashri/Maryline Marie Publisher Cquinz Entertainment
Performance Maryline Marie Label CQ Records
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